Jacob Names Bethel Twice

Jacob names Bethel for the first time (28:19), before meeting Rachel. Later in (35:15), just before Rachel dies, he names Bethel again. (I guess the name didn’t take the first time.)

Respond: The chapter (Gen 35:1-15) is a summary of Jacob’s journey from Shechem to Hebron, this is why we read certain incidents are repeated such as (Gen 28: 10-22) is repeated in (Gen 35: 1) where God Almighty says to Jacob “move on now and go to Bethel and settle there and make an alter for the God….”. Jacob arrives at Luz in the land of Canaan (Gen 28:19) is repeated in (Gen 35:6). And Jacob is name Israel by Yahweh God (Gen 35:10) which happened in (Gen 32:28). This is why we read the story has been repeated in (Gen 35: 14-15) taken from (Gen 28:19) where Israel names Luz the land has Bethel.

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