“The WORD Is Sent Forth” Habakkuk 3:3

3God cometh from Teman,

And the Holy One from mount Paran. Selah

His glory covereth the heavens,

And the earth is full of His praise. (Hab 3:3)

Church father Cyprian (chapter 21) in his explanation refers the “Holy One” as the “WORD” who will go before “His Face” refers to “God Almighty”, and shall go forth unto the plains according to His steps.  

Justin Martyr and Irenaeus had similar view thus the passage indicates that he is God, and that His beginning was to take place in Bethlehem, and from Mount Effrem, which is towards the south, and that he is man. “And fiery bolts go forth at His feet.” (Hab 3:5) this is an indication of a man.

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