Abraham Circumcises Himself

Abraham circumcises himself and all of the males in his household. Since he supposedly had 318 slaves back in 14:14, poor old Abe must have been pretty busy with his knife. But it was worth it. Penises are supremely important to God. And he can’t stand foreskins. (17:23-24).

Respond: This is a covenant made by God to Abraham and to the ones who worshiped the true Almighty God “Yahweh” (Gen 17)

Pharaoh And Sarai

Poor Pharaoh couldn’t resist the “very fair” Sarai, and he takes her into his harem. (She must have been well preserved, since she was about seventy years old at the time.) (12:15)

Respond:  The criterion for lust of Pharaoh was that Saraai was “very fair” here the completion is described not the look. (Gen 12:15). Now if we ask the same question to the atheist that how they do not hesitate to become a pedophile, attracted and rape women who are at their 80s and 90s, do not hesitate to have sex with transgender or gay relationship, like beastly intercourse and will not hesitate even to have incest one such example was Nero.

Boring Genealogies

The entire tenth chapter is the first of many boring genealogies (see 1 Chr.1-9, Mt.1:1-17, Lk.3:23-28 for other examples) that we are told to avoid in 1 Tim.1:4 and Tit.3:9 (“Avoid foolish questions and genealogies.”) 10:1-32

Respond: This is an instruction given by Paul to Timothy to insist that certain people stop teaching strange doctrines. (1 Tim 1:7). For the atheist schooled by Paul “There are some peoples who have gone off the straight course and taken a road that leads to empty speculation; they claim to be doctors of the Law but they understand neither the arguments they are using nor the opinions they are upholding.

Animals Delivered.

“Into your hand are they (the animals) delivered.” God gave the animals  to humans, and they can do whatever they please with them. This verse has been used by bible believers to justify all kinds of cruelty to animals and environmental destruction. (9:2).

Respond: Bible believers are not cruel and environmental destructive, doesn’t Bible clearly say not to destroy trees (Deut 20:19-20). But yes if an animal attacks a person or his family then that person has all the rights to defend himself and his family.

Noah Kills The “Clean Beasts”

        Noah kills the “clean beasts” and burns their dead bodies for God.

        According to (7:8) this would have caused the extinction of all “clean”

        animals since only two of each were taken onto the ark. “And the Lord

        smelled a sweet savor.” After this God “said in his heart” that he’d

        never do it again because “man’s heart is evil from his youth.” So God

        killed all living things (6:5) because humans are evil, and then

        promises not to do it again (8:21) because humans are evil. The mind of

        God is a frightening thing. (8:20-21)

Respond: God almighty instructs Noah to take seven clean animals both male and female and of the unclean two beasts (Gen 7: 2-3).note: here pairs are not mentioned but 7 and 2 kinds of animals are mentioned which includes both male and female. If there are 7 clean animals and fowls, Noah sacrificed one each this will spare other 6 kinds of clean beast to survive and grow in plenty.

Yes God Almighty killed all the living things (Gen 6:5) because animals were used as daily errands, so if animals are removed from the man’s life he will become helpless.

Dove Finds Olive Leaf

        Noah sends a dove out to see if there was any dry land. But the dove

        returns without finding any. Then, just seven days later, the dove goes

        out again and returns with an olive leaf. But how could an olive tree

        survive the flood? And if any seeds happened to survive, they certainly

        wouldn’t germinate and grow leaves within a seven day period. (8:8-11)

Respond: If we start reading from (Gen 8:1) water already started to dry so, Noah sends a raven first and then dove. It could be so, that at the beginning the dove could not find dry land but after 7th day it was able to find. Now, it was in the 10th month (Gen 1:5) that water subsided and 40 days after the 10th month Noah sends raven and dove. If an olive seed is stuck in the ground, 40 days are enough for a shoot to sprout with a leaf. We can experience similar incidence after flood in 21st century.